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the practice is no magic wand but an excellent means to develop awareness and stability in our systems. it catalyzes transformation, enhances concentration and throws us continuously into a creative flow. sounds good right? and it is good! but we aren’t here to sell you results, just a journey. none of this is guaranteed, none of this will actually take place if we are always in control and none of this is predictable, the more you expect the less you’ll be in the present. all we can do is hold space for your process and guide you in practice from our experience. let’s plant seeds and let them grow.
we have been meaning to launch a summer project since a while, convinced that practicing on holidays  is a great opportunity to go deep. retreats can offer beautiful windows for community bonding, but they are not inclusive in regards to the practitioner’s families and tend to be either too intensive or too expensive. our attempt here is to create a program where everyone has agency and responsibility.

we want everyone to choose their preferred accommodation and to have the possibility to organize family/friends trips which include an in-depth yoga practice program. it’s a win win situation: we don’t have to give up on what cultivates calm and inner stability in our lives.

tips: choose your accommodation well. prioritize rest. enjoy the most you can of the island but don’t overwhelm yourself. have fun, stay light, smile, stay open.
vivekhyati or discernment is yoga’s ultimate raison d'être. to be able to distinguish between illusion and reality, between patterning and spirit.