we will be teaching in Corsica, the biggest French island in the Mediterranean see. it is a mountainous island and we happen to be right where the mountains rise in the middle, in a town called Corte. it will be like being in the lungs of a mediterranean paradise, where the lush green expands and two rivers meet creating space for valleys around them. many hikes start around the area and the nearest beaches are 45 min drive.

we chose Corte because we like to stay on the higher planes of Corsica aiming for natural beauty, cool nights and early morning practices; but mostly because we encountered Delphine, one of the founders of the studio Yoga3C, who cherished our project and rented the space to our shala so that it could move here during the summer.

︎ Corte
there are 2 ways to reach the island:
  • by ferry (from France: Marseille, Toulon, Nice; and Italy: Savona, Genova, Livorno, Piombino, Sardegna)
  • by plane

to move in the island:
  • bring your car
  • rent a scooter
  • rent a car
  • use public transportation (buses and train)
  • share rides

if you don’t plan to have a car we suggest staying in Corte so you can walk every morning to the shala and from there use the buses or share rides with others to reach the beaches, rivers or hikes.

please note that we have deliberately chosen to be close to the mountains to enjoy the calm and the potential coolness of an area that isn’t close to the beach. be ready to drive or take bus rides of minimum 45min and up to one hour and a half to reach the beautiful beaches that surround the island.

here is an amazing resource for accommodation and other practical infos: Centre Corse Tourisme

shala address

Studio Yoga 3C
Côté allée des 2 villas (n°3), 9 Av. Xavier Luciani
20250 Corte
Corse, France


the following structures have agreed to give a discount to those joining our program (minimum stay: 1 week) 

Hôtel pub du Petit Bosquet
1 week: 12% off
2 weeks: 15% off
3 weeks: 20% off
info and reservations:

Auberge Casa Mathea
1 week: 12% off
2 weeks: 15% off
3 weeks: 20% off
info and reservations: